Welcome to FFF Executive Committee!!

FFF Executive Committee
About us?
Hi everybody! We're called FFF Executive Committee. This organization stood up in 1997 at Kochi University of Technology, and has been holding the campus festival which is called "Flying Fish Festival (FFF)" until now. Before the FFF, for a long time, we're working everything from A to Z; for example, planning a lot of events, setting up the event site, providing campus stores, and so on. Not only that! We're holding the welcome party which is called "Welcome KUT", and the farewell party which is called "Enn". So, we're creating a lot of amusements around KUT!!
What's "FFF"?
The FFF is held in October with a local festival in Tosayamada-Cho which named "Hamono-Matsuri". The one scholar named that festival "Flying Fish Festival". This name come from the title of KUT scholar's song which written by TANIMURA Shinji.